Why are 16oz cold cup so popular?

Author : Carlos Gomez
Update time : 2022-08-16 17:51:33
  Hyde is a leading supplier of disposable, eco-friendly restaurant supplies. Our 16oz cold cups are designed to be sturdy so your customers can walk around with their drinks without spilling them. We use eco-friendly materials such as PLA, which is made from compressed cornstarch. We also use biodegradable, eco-friendly plastics. Traditional plastic cups can last for hundreds of years in landfills and pollute the entire environment. Our eco-friendly cold drink cups are designed to be decomposable when disposed of, causing no harm to the environment in the process.

  Our eco-friendly cold cups range in size from 2.5 ounces to 24 ounces and are available with lids to keep customers' drinks from spilling. Our cups are designed to fit in a standard cup holder, and yet are easy to carry. Your customers will appreciate the high quality 16oz cold cup, especially when they are on the go for a drink.

16oz cold cup  When your customer orders a delicious milkshake or soda, they will initially focus on the quality of the food. If the cup in their hands starts to leak, their attention quickly shifts to the container of the cup. By ordering high-quality 16oz cold cup for your store, you can keep your customer's attention where it needs to be: on your delicious product.

  How do you know the cups you order are sturdy enough to hold your store's unique milkshakes and other beverages? Trust Hyde's paper drink cups and order your 16oz cold cup from Hyde and you'll never have to worry about a malfunctioning cup affecting your customers' dining experience.

  What makes these cups so sturdy? What makes our 16oz cold cup stand out above the rest is their exceptional quality. Our 16oz cold cup have the stability to handle any soda or milkshake you put in. The smoothness of the cups keeps your customers comfortable. They can walk around town with their cold drink or beverage without experiencing the discomfort of having their paper scratched. It also resists moisture so that condensation does not collect on the outside of the paper cups. Some times, the outside of the paper cups will start to sweat because of the drinks contained inside. A sweaty cup is not only uncomfortable for the person holding it, but it can weaken the structure of the cup.

Hydepackage Durable Drink Cup Carrier for Hot or Cold Drinks Videos From YouTube

  Cold drinks have always been popular and choosing the right cold drink cups also provides a suitable container for your drinks, and 16oz cold cup is always the best choice. If you have a need for this, Hyde is the best choice for you.For more information, pictures, videos, reviews, and buyer-manufacturer solutions about 16oz cold cup, please feel free to consult us!
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