Colored paper bag may contain psychological hints

Author : Mark Scarbrough
Update time : 2022-11-29 17:05:33
  In this day and age, every detail counts. With consumers surrounded by so many brands and every business trying to compete for their attention, it's vital to stand out and build a strong and bold brand image. Colored paper bags are no exception; they're one of the first things potential customers see when they enter your store or browse your online site and spot your colored paper bag packaging from afar.

  The human mind is a very powerful tool that has many connections to multiple things and associates memories of past experiences, their favorite things, their least favorite things and other things with the colors they see. Many well-loved and famous brands have associated with their custom gift paper bags and have a certain color as their identity. For example, Coca-Cola's red is an iconic color that can be spotted from a distance. When designing colored paper bag packaging, we've pulled together some of the psychological factors behind popular colors to help you choose a design that resonates with your brand and appeals to consumers.

Colored paper bag  Colored paper bags can show different affiliations and give off a certain atmosphere when you give them a specific color. Colors also have categories. When artists and designers create, they choose their colors wisely because they know how much weight these shades carry. The same is true when brands choose the colors for their custom gift bags. Like building the perfect composition, many of them use the basics of color theory.

  Your branded paper bag designer should also keep color psychology in mind. Unlike a printer, a painter's color wheel is usually based on primary colors: red, blue and yellow. That's why packaging color combinations play an important role in how your consumers perceive your custom gift bags.

  Red is a popular and prominent choice for many brands because of its impact, as it is visible from a distance. The color is vibrant and powerful, making it a strong choice for brands in the technology industry. Brands should keep it soft and subtle to avoid overlapping with warnings and dangerous associations. Many custom paper bag wholesalers produce warm colored paper bags and sealed bags printed with red.

  Although orange and red are similar in color, orange paper bags have a completely different effect; they exude warmth and enthusiasm, instantly creating a sense of fun and excitement. Yellow is also closely related to a similar psychological effect and is widely considered to be a cheerful color associated with happiness. Orange and yellow are very effective for branding home products or leisure stores, helping to create an exciting overall experience.

  Green has always been one of the more popular choices for affordable paper bags, because of its balance and maturity that doesn't require adjustments to the eye. Shaping healthy, calm and refreshing associations, brands that portray a healthy lifestyle tend to favor green hues in their branding.

  Another popular choice is blue, often used by more premium brands and brands targeting a male audience. Many modern brands associate psychological connections with feelings of security and credibility, and like to assert their dominance through dark blue branding. However, for brands selling food or more casual products, blue can feel cold and unwelcoming, and therefore may not be the first choice.

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  There are many psychological cues involved behind colored paper bags, and different colors have different effects on the target customers. We all know that custom gift paper bags are very eco-friendly bags, and for the sake of your brand effect, it is recommended that you use warm colors to design your paper bags. The bright colors will make your products attract more consumers. Hyde provides custom service of colored paper bags.
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